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Taiwan in talks over travel bubbles with Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Guam

Travel World China | Date 2021-4-26

Following the start of the Taiwan-Palau travel bubble, Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau announced that it is actively negotiating with Vietnam, Guam, Hawaii, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore on setting up similar travel bubbles.

On Thursday morning, Tourism Bureau Director-General Chang Hsi-chung said that tourism representatives from Asia-Pacific destinations Taiwanese frequent, including Vietnam, Guam, Hawaii, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore, came to Taiwan this week. Chang said that the six countries and states are actively negotiating the establishment of new tourism bubbles with Taiwan and will discuss the loosening of epidemic prevention regulations with the Central Epidemic Command Center.

In addition, the Tourism Bureau confirmed that it has also met with representatives from other regions, including Hong Kong, Hachinohe City in Japan’s Aomori Prefecture, and Thailand. Chang said that that the tourism industry believes that with a wave of vaccinations in April and summer vacation approaching, the demand for overseas travel will increase.
Source:Taiwan news