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"Meeting friends through literature" Entering the Beijing International Expo and experiencing Pakistan’s customs, culture and art

Travel World China | Date 2021-10-11


The 28th Beijing International Book Fair is being held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Centre. Pakistan participate in this edition of the Expo as the guest of honour.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan. Pakistan has set up and exhibited hundreds of books, themed pictures and paintings at the booth of the guest of honour, vividly showing Pakistan’s customs, literature, art and culture, promoting exchanges and cooperation in the cultural field of the two countries, and tightening up the people-to-people bonds.
Press Officer of the Pakistani Embassy in China: As you can see, there are many Pakistani books and photos of natural scenery on site, showing the Chinese readers Pakistan’s cultural traditions, including literature and philosophy, especially our poetry. The focus of the activity is to promote the "iron-core" friendship between China and Pakistan through people-to-people exchanges.

In recent years, cultural exchanges between China and Pakistan have become increasingly close. At the beginning of this year, China and Pakistan announced the signing of a memorandum on the mutual translation and publication of classic works, agreeing to jointly translate and publish 50 "the most classic, most important, and widely acclaimed" classic works of the two countries in the next 5 years for readers in both countries.