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167 passengers from China arrived in Thailand on the same day that Thailand opens its borders

Travel World China | Date 2021-11-04


Starting from November 1, Thailand will open its borders to foreign tourists from 63 "low-risk" countries and regions. According to local media reports, about 7,000 foreign tourists are expected to arrive on Monday.

On the same day, 167 passengers from China arrived in Thailand on flight CZ3081. Many of them wore PPE protective suits. Compared with passengers from other countries and regions, they had a strong sense of protection. This was also the first flight from mainland China after the founding of Thailand. .

Tourism is the pillar industry of Thailand's economy, accounting for about 1/5 of the country's GDP. Before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Chinese tourists accounted for 27% of the total number of overseas tourists in Thailand, making it the largest source country. "Without Chinese, there would be no recovery." The Pattaya Post website reported on October 31 that the head of the Thailand Tourism Association believed that Thailand's tourism industry could not be restored before the Chinese government allowed Chinese citizens to travel abroad freely.

CNN quoted the analysis of tourism industry on the 1st, saying that Thailand's tourism industry is difficult to recover in the short term. For example, although Thailand now allows tourists from China to visit Thailand without restrictions, according to China's policy, they will face a long period of isolation after returning to China. "Most countries in Asia still require overseas travelers (returning home) to be quarantined, so Thailand's initial target tourists will come from the United States and Europe."

"Thailand has opened its doors to foreign tourists with a complicated mood. On the one hand, it hopes that the economic prospects will be brighter, and on the other hand, it is worried that the epidemic will worsen." Rescue the tourism industry that has declined in the pandemic. However, according to a poll conducted by the Thai Ministry of Health, up to 92.4% of Thais are worried that the reopening may trigger a rebound of the epidemic. Relevant data show that currently only about 42% of the population in Thailand is fully vaccinated with COVID-19 Vaccine.