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Travel World China is a leading tourism and luxury lifestyle digital media dedicated in the Chinese market. Established in 2005, TWC has gone through many changes over the years to adapt to the fast-moving market development trends and audience taste shifting. Our unchanging aim is to cater to the ever-changing and upgraded tastes of our readers, to bring them the world's most advanced concepts, to lead future travel and lifestyle trends, and to convey and advocate the concept of sustainable travel. Our readers cover China's top outbound travel operators, high-end lifestyle clubs, business travel organisers, and high net worth individuals.

We present our content to Chinese audiences in multimedia formats, including e-magazines, e-newsletters, websites, social media and more...

Travel World China is an affiliated member of Travel World Reps, which operates Sales, Marketing and PR Consultation and Representation in a number of source markets in Asia, currently including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and India.

环球逸旅 (Travel World China)是一家专注于中国市场的领先旅游和奢华生活方式数字媒体。 TWC成立于2005年,多年来经历了许多变化,以适应瞬息万变的市场发展趋势和观众口味的转变。 我们不变的目标是迎合读者不断变化和升级的品味,为他们带来世界最先进的概念,引领未来的旅行和生活方式趋势,传达和倡导可持续旅行的理念。 我们的读者涵盖中国顶级出境旅游运营商、高端生活会所、商旅组织者和高净值人士。


Travel World China 是 Travel World Reps 的附属成员,该公司在亚洲多个客源市场(目前包括中国大陆、香港、台湾和印度)开展销售、营销和公关咨询和代理业务。